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Life moves on...sometimes faster than we can keep up!  There have been shows in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and demonstrations throughout the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) and that's just the beginning. 

There have been rivers to kayak, friends and family to keep up with as well as health issues to beat into submission....

And here is some exciting news!

Check out this note from Teri Hislop:

Hello Friends!  I have finally taken the plunge and created my own website. I would like to invite you to visit me at my new website.  There you can find examples of my photography, writing, fiber arts and, of course, wood sculpture.


You can also meet some new friends...with the photography of lwt and the poetry of Rose Hislop...and see a familiar face or two.

Click on the link and I'll see you there! Many Blessings! Teri



What could possibly have put PR Drumm behind bars?

...and why is he so HAPPY about it?

Here's why!



Photo by Gary Sanderson

The Wheelmen antique bicycle club's worldwide members are planning a get-together in July 2009 to demonstrate and actually ride replicas of the Hobby Horse that Baron Von Drais built in 1817 as the first bicycle!  No sprocket/chain, lousy shocks (steel straps over wood-spoke wagon wheels), yet these bicycles started a wordwide revolution in mobility.

Museum photo of 1817 Von Drais Hobby Horse

Members of The Wheelmen are commissioning and making authentic Hobby Horse replicas and will meet in Terre Haute, Indiana, in July 2009  to show them off, actually 'ride' them with wide swinging strides, coattails flying.

Yes,1817 clothes too, complete with hats, moustaches, sideburns, beards, authentic to the nth degree. Of course, there's 'a little friendly competition on the side', being such bicycle enthusiasts, and each member's Hobby Horse is somehow made uniquely the 'owner's own' with hand carving, 'maker's plate', distinctive paint and striping...

Gary Sanderson of New Jersey in USA located a Canadian Mennonite who makes a replica kit that has to be assembled and finished carefully following photographs of the original Von Drais Hobby Horse from a British museum. Several inches of the curved Oak wooden main frame had to be trimmed from both ends and scroll-carving done 'like the original'.

PR Drumm carving, Gary Sanderson watching

Photo by Teri Hislop

Gary commissioned whittler PR Drumm and scrolls were carved fore and aft that 'follow the spirit' of Von Drais but 'stamp Gary's personality'  on his Hobby Horse, especially when six inches of excess Oak were carved into a racy gold figurehead that Gary fitted snugly on the fore scrollwork.

Photo by Gary Sanderson

Leather padding (absolutely necessary!) is being made in Australia to Gary's specifications, to fit the saddle and the forearm rest (invented by Von Drais in 1817 and finally accepted by bicycle Tour riders 2 centuries later). Bicycle riders are so conservative. Not Gary Sanderson. He's all set for The Wheelmen club's get-together in Terre Haute next summer. Afterwards, there's a 'Penny Farthing' high-wheel bicycle ride planned elsewhere in the world… THOSE guys even go around the WORLD on the forerunner of modern bicycles. Gary will be there…




"Celtic Knotwork Snowflakes"

TEACHING YOUNGSTERS TO CARVE featured by two articles in CHIP CHATS MAGAZINE, July-August 2008
"Lancaster Club Teaches Youngsters to carve" by A. DiPace pg. 110, and "Youngsters Carve Soap in Missouri" by Charles Sapp pg 98, show greater concern for teaching the younger generation the pleasure of carving (and how this teaching is done safely by skilled carvers). The Lancaster County (PA) Woodcarvers for the second year taught a dozen students beginning and intermediate carving skills like 3 basic ways to cut (and how to sharpen knives), knife safety, carving blanks, and followup class at a parent's home. In Missouri, the St. Charles Area Woodcarvers taught more than 50 children (5-12) the basics in a fun way (see www.stcharlesart.org).      



Another article on teaching the new generation to carve appeared in August WOODCARVING ILLUSTRATED pages 40-41, by a carver, Jim Calder, who has taught more than 3,000 children the basics of woodcarving - for free. Chock full of information, the article downloads instantly by clicking onto www.carves4u.com   How much better than that can you get in inspiring the next generation? How about doing this in every community worldwide, each dedicated carver teaching neighborhood kids, using tried and true methods outlined by master carver Jim Calder and made available worldwide through the miracle of instant translation to each computer user's specified home language. A computer user in Russia, Peru, China (as well as USA) clicks on to www.carves4u.com and gets this article in computer home language specified, instantly translated from the original American language. Kids worldwide learning to carve from neighborhood carvers using this article... think about it.       


Delaware Valley Woodcarvers Show a Bright Spot in a New Location!

PR Drumm Celebrates his Bristol 1932 Roots

(1st time back in 70 years)

New Jersey Woodcarver Ted Slawenski did particularly well... and his lovely wife Irene made the front page of the local newspaper, the Bristol Times Courier!

New Friend, Elmer!

Ginny with new friend AL LITZ, the flower man and ambassador of good will for the day.

Ginny learned to carve Al's flowers and left the her first one in PR's pocket!

Teri Hislop was REALLY busy during the show demonstrating kaleidoscope assembly. People were fascinated by the inner workings of the simple kit that was used.

Her "Albert Einstein" kaleidoscope was a real hit!

Lancaster County Woodcarvers Show Resounding Success Despite High Winds, Storm
Pennsylvania Dutch appreciate hand carving and came out in droves to see the Lancaster County Woodcarvers exhibit Intaglio, Bas Relief, Full-round sculptures (people, birds, fish, animals), Chip Carving, Tramp Art, Intricate Whimseys, Canes of all kinds, and more, on Saturday and Sunday March 8 & 9. Show Chairman Andrew Di Pace said "This was the best LCWC show ever, and to see teenagers who just learned to carve in our classes the past two years compete and win 1st and 2nd prizes, was heartwarming!" The terrific storm that brought down trees and power lines the Friday night before, did not frighten these people. They came and came, and enjoyed. PR Drumm enjoyed himself there, too. More later on LCW classes teaching young people to carve... 


Don't forget to click on the Art Education page for the latest project in "Hands-on Art History"

Greenman or Greenwoman...who came first? The great debate begins!

Do you carve love spoons? Do you love carved spoons? We'd LOVE to see 'em! Send pics!

Inviting all carvers/art historians/folklorists to entertain and enlighten with their understanding of the origins, folklore and history of the greenman...and greenwoman carvings which seem to sprout mysteriously all over the British Isles...as well as the woodspirits common to the Americas. We 'd love to create a list of links for all the best books and websites we can find. Send your photos, links and stories to prdrumm@gmail.com (if you don't get a response within a day or so, try copying and pasting the address into your email editor...then you'll get us for sure!)

On my trip to visit Welsh relatives, I visited the Welsh Museum near Cardiff and was so lucky to find the British Woodcarvers Association, South Wales Region exhibiting and carving there. Quite a number of people came to see them despite the usual Welsh mist. The carvings ranged from knife to mallet/chisel to woodburning, and many were quite intricately done, including chain links connecting whimsical shapes only wood can do so well. I was as fascinated as the other spectators, and can't wait to get home to USA and carve some of the ideas these uniquely different carvings gave me. Of course, I was enthralled at the variety and artistry of the Welsh Love Spoons these Welsh carvers do! For more information about St. Fagans: National History Museum, Google   www.museumwales.ac.uk     The editor of the British Woodcarvers Association, South Wales Region can be emailed at mapprobert8@aol.com