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#53 Maine Rose

Whittled with a jack knife in the graceful curves of a thorned rose with leaves.

Signed and dated PR Drumm, 2001
Black Walnut, Holly, Driftwood
12” x 14” x 5”

Ridgewood Arts Open Competition, 2/01


A sample of the many flowers I carve as gifts to family and friends, no two alike (shudder, HAS to be a UNIQUE Drumm Rose!), Maine Rose grows from interesting driftwood base my nephew Pat's family picked up on a trip to Maine. It sits on tabletop and provides a nice conversation piece, conveniently sized (12"x14"x5").
When nephew Pat returned from Maine and gave me this driftwood, I appreciated his thoughtfulness and gave thought to assembling the materials for a tabletop rose to exhibit at juried art shows, and on my virtual gallery on WorldWideWeb. It took a while, as usual, while I finished projects, and did this n that. Eventually, I had a nice chunk of Holly from my friend and colleague Teri Hislop, who rescued it from a Cape May campground where the rangers demolished several Holly bushes to make room for something or other. Holly grows as a bush for nearly 30 years, but eventually develops a trunk and becomes a tree. Teri's chunks of Holly averaged 3-5" diameter, which most carvers cannot handle as it's still full of knots from all the resorbed branches as it changes from a bush into a tree. A strong hand and sharp unbreakable blade can make beautiful flower petals, which I proceeded to do. Look at the photo above and see how many petals were 'scooped' to make this rose. The petals are carved exactly to 'clip on' one by one. When ready for permanent glueing, the blossom is disassembled, glue dabbed on leading edges, and petals 'clipped back on' permanently. Takes longer of course, and no one knows except me, and SO satisfying to know I've this skill. Black Walnut petal covers hanging free, complete this blossom. Tung Oil finish soaked and rubbed, not too shiny, and months later a yearly waxing and cleaning, give a soft glow to this thorned beauty. Several different table and long-stemmed roses carved in different woods are kept on a sideboard in my private museum (not the virtual www one!).
It's fun to make time for carving beautiful creations for family and friends. What better way to spend the days of your life?        


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