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#31 Imagination Trapped

Black Walnut log hollowed out with a jack knife to reveal three aspects of trapped imagination freeing itself.  Open the doors of this Drumm Interactive Whimsey Sculpture to free successively the sword (empire builder), the pen (Writer), and the rose (Beauty).  Hang at eye level.

Signed and dated PR Drumm, 1998
Black Walnut
19” x 6” diameter

First Prize, Leanza and Agrapidis Sculpture Award, Hudson Artists, 10/98
Third Prize, Delaware Valley Woodcarvers (Abington, PA), 4/99
Honorable Mention, North Jersey Woodcarvers, 9/98

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This was fun to think up and DO. Take two Black Walnut logs 19x6" fireplace size, leave the bark on, carve log #1 into holder with triple chain to hold log #2 within. Incidentally, leave a 'rod' 4x 2" atop log #1 for Whimsey hanger to carve whenever ready. Epoxy the bark so it's permanent, and varnish the whole 'holder' 2 or 3 times til preserved with minimum 'shine'. Now hang it up while figuring out details of log #2 that will be held within log #1.
Log #2 is going to be something really imaginative! Carve away the bark except 3 selected spots, epoxy it for permanence, and carve 3 hands of right size to grip the chains of the holder at 3 different levels. Don't attach log #2 to log #1 until fully carved, as log #2 needs to be whittled, turning it around and around and gripping firmly while carving details. Carve a hinge in top of log #2 and whittle a door that opens the top so the inside can be carved out and hollowed. Ditto the bottom door, so now there's a hollow cylinder with 3 hands coming out of 3 spots of bark. Now top and bottom doors can be glued shut and 3 doors with integral hinges carved open. Remember, logs #1 and #2 remain 1-piece each throughout all stages of whittling except with the addition to log #2 of three hands of wood from log #1. 
Now open door #1 and carve a sword from wood left inside for that, and fasten monofilament line to hold it at right angle when door #1 is opened. Open little door #2, carve a pen and fasten monofilament line as with door #1. Open door #3, take a rose from the Whimsey box, glue it to the door, and fasten monofilament line as with the other 2 doors.
Insert log #2 within log #1, position the hands so they grip #1's chains tightly, and glue into position. There! Now it can be called 'Imagination Trapped' and the doors opened one by one to reveal the Conqueror's Sword, the Writer's Pen, and the Artist's Beauty. Finish all details, apply final coats  of varnish and begin exhibiting in juried shows. Wax well and yearly.
Thinking and DOing in three or more dimensions is a nice way to live. Writing about it and exhibiting on virtual museum as well as home museum, is a constructive 'spin on the apple'. Better yet will be seeing similar works of art on World Wide Web by dedicated carvers from wherever in the world. Easy to do, just send photos of comparable works, describe dimensions (LxWxH or D) and how carved and finished. This website 'Whittled Whimseys' does the rest.
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