PR DRUMM’s  sculptures invite the beholder to touch them.  He elevates traditional whimsy carving to the level of high art.  His intricate, multi-dimensional works pull the viewer inside, revealing details painstakingly carved using only a jack knife.  Doors to open, working wooden locks and whimsical latches characterize many of his works.

Drumm chooses extremely hard woods for his sculptures.  His graceful roses, carved from woods like holly, walnut and cherry, are fragile in appearance and extremely realistic.

Drumm’s interactive sculptures have been exhibited in major shows and exhibitions and galleries throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

His work has received the Elka Schemen Sculpture Award as well as the Leanza and Agrapidis Sculpture Award, among others.


Michelangelo could take a hunk of marble another sculptor tried to work with and failed. The world admires DAVID, the result. Michelangelo's painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling is awesome creativity.  He could also "pay back" a rival for breaking his, Michelangelo's, nose - by painting Benvenuto Cellini as Satan. I do not aspire to be Michelangelo - no one can be someone else.

I love to carve a hunk of wood into intricate, interlocked designs only wood can be carved into. In the end, it's still only wood - no bee would mistake a carven flower for a real flower no matter how realistic it looks. It's a design recognizable as a flower, etc., only by human brains capable of picking out a pattern from a few indications and recognizing a parallel to reality. Yet, to create a sculpture, a whittling, that evokes awe, pleasurable contemplation, a sense of recognition of the elements of creation - that is art.

Even art born out of anguish can satisfy inner pain, as in ANGUISHED TEARS, in which every shape, every chain link, is a teardrop. Or IMAGINATION TRAPPED, in which 2 logs are interlocked and whittled into a suggestion of a head enchained. 3 doors open to reveal 1) Sword (conqueror) 2) Pen (writer) 3) Rose (beauty).  I laughed when all 3 doors were opened. The joke was on me! I was left with an empty head. Each whittled sculpture tells a story, as with all art.

More later on this. Writing is not whittling, and whittling takes time, dreaming while whittling. Writing does reach other artists worldwide, who are welcome to send pictures of whittled whimseys with descriptive information to this website to show on World Wide Web.